The Pellerin sound

Every Pellerin guitar is designed to have just the right combination of regular notes and harmonics to create a responsive, balanced, and powerful instrument. We often hear, and wrongly so, that a “good” guitar has a lot of low frequencies. While it is true that a soundboard that is more flexible around the edges will generate more low frequencies, this won’t necessarily make a guitar amazing.

Our approach is different, as our priority is to make guitars that deliver the following a widespectrum of frequencies, an immediate and harmonious response, a balanced range of sounds and a long and poetic waning of sound.

We want each note that is played to be well defined and balanced. Responsive lows, clear mids, and resonant highs, as well as harmonious and solid orchestration at both high and low volume are the features that make a guitar exceptional. This is what you can expect from every guitar bearing the Pellerin name.

Test de fréquences sur la table d’harmonie

Test de fréquences sur dos